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In 2014, six strangers decided it was high time someone decided to use science in the healing process after a shaving nick or cut. Three years and plenty of self-guineapig-ing later, we ushered in the future of shave care with Glyder and our first product, the perfect styptic balm.  Naturally, we couldn’t stop there. We caught the itch. We wanted to do more to help people with people feel good and look good.

We want to create beautifully designed products, made from real ingredients, that would inspire love & confidence in this world.

How was Glyder Built.

(we really do love Stella Artois)

Now, we’re back at it. Thinking up more ways that we can make your mornings easier, your stride a little longer, your days a bit calmer. The fact is – we friggin’ love this. We love helping people, and we want to go out of our way to do it.

Look forward to seeing more products out of us soon. With all of our future endeavors, we vow to be transparent, fight for the best, and make products that inspire confidence. We will strive to maintain a consistent philanthropic presence to give back to the communities around us – because what’s the sense in looking good without feeling good?

Lastly, high fives to you, our customers. You work hard for your dollars, and we appreciate you spending them with us.

Mad love to you and yours,
Glyder <3

Product Information:

Glyder’s balm-like consistency applies easily without the need for copious rinsing. The addition of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and vasoconstrictors is guaranteed to help stop the bleeding fast. Glyder is packaged in a re-imagined tube; extra-grippable for handling mid-shave, and features a retractable product and a waterproof cap to keep Glyder clean between uses.