It’s high time someone decided to use science to promote the healing process when you cut yourself shaving. Welcome to the future of shaving. No longer will you have to rely on that antique form of “treatment” you call toilet paper. We respect you, fresh-faced fellows, but we’re not interested in putting a product used to wipe your @$$ on a perfect ten like that.


Glyder was sent from the future and created for you – for those early morning nicks, those pre-date cuts, and everything in between. Glyder saves your face after embarrassing slips of the razor while nourishing, soothing and promoting the healing process. In a super-grippable, retractable tube, Glyder is the future for shaving ninjas and novices alike.


Now generations of men can put the toilet paper down – Glyder, The Perfect Styptic Balm for Nicks & Cuts.


Product Information:
Glyder’s balm-like consistency applies easily without the need for copious rinsing. The addition of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and vasoconstrictors is guaranteed to help stop the bleeding fast. Glyder is packaged in a re-imagined tube; extra-grippable for handling mid-shave, and features a retractable product and a waterproof cap to keep Glyder clean between uses.


About the Founder:
Kaivan Dave is a dapper Chicagoan and consultant in the personal care industry. When Kaivan isn’t searching for the best products on Earth, he’s out exploring with his friends and family. Kaivan is excited to help everyone break their bad habits with toilet paper, one square at a time.

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The Perfect Styptic Balm for Nicks & Cuts