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2018: You Can Make A Change!

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At Glyder we believe in inspiring confidence and empowering individuals to achieve their goals.

The start of a new year means a fresh start for most, and for 40% of Americans this translates into a New Year’s resolution. January is an exciting and promising month for “resoluters”, but by February, around 80% of the resolutions have failed. Only 8% actually see their resolutions through.

We believe in you. We are in your corner. And we know that You Can Make A Change!

Yes, you can make a change!

Here are few things that can help you with making the change and turning it into a daily habit.

Write down your resolutions.
There is just something about writing things down. We advise that you say the things you want to accomplish out loud as you are writing them down. That way you are not just writing, but you are also speaking about it and manifesting your aspirations.

Pick the right friends.
Where and who are you spending your time with? It’s so true what people say about the five people you spend the most time. Friends shape who you are, so be intentional of who you surround yourself with.

Try to write down 5 things that you are grateful for, everyday. It is amazing how uplifted you will feel when you read your gratitude journal and see positive change.

Find a coach.
Just like anything else in life, sports, music, college, etcétera, we all need someone to coach us through different journeys throughout our lives. Find a coach who is going to cheer for you, provide guidance and push you to go beyond your preconceived limits. Invest in yourself and changes will happen.

We understand that some of these might sound a bit cheesy, but things like these lead to change. Turn these into habits and you will naturally achieve more of what you want in life.

These life-hacks can help anyone make a change in 2018!

We said “You Can Make A Change” Didn’t We