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Should You Apply Beard Oils at Night?

2018-04-17T10:16:49-05:00 April 17th, 2018|Beard Grooming|
  • Applying Beard Oils at Night

Does your beard game keep you up at night? Concerned about what’s going to happen to your bodacious mane while you sleep? We’ve got all the answers you need to take care of your beard before you go to sleep.

The best gift you can give your tomorrow-self is having a strong, before-bed beard grooming routine. Take care of your face and beard at night, before bed and you’ll hit the ground running tomorrow.

Does a beard grow faster at night? Well, let’s rephrase that, does a beard grow faster while you sleep? The answer is, yes. Rest and sleep is good for your whole body and regrowth is a part of the recovery process your body goes through each time you’re asleep. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. It’s not a myth, it’s scientifically proven to help make you a better you so you can attack the next day.

Wash the day off your face and beard before bed

Wash your skin and beard with an all natural, alcohol-free cleanser. If you want to prevent an itchy beard, you need to treat your skin right. Removing dirty, oil and dead skin cells will prevent breakouts and ingrown hairs. After you’ve dried off, apply your beard oil before bed. If you’re use to taking a shower before bed, apply your beard oil after your shower.

Build in a before bed trimming routine

If your beard is feeling a little out of sorts, give it a trim before bed. Remember, you never want to trim your beard while it’s still wet because you may end up cutting off more than you want. Dry your beard thoroughly, then trim and then apply your beard oil.

Beard oil before bed for a beautiful new day

Applying beard oil before bed is the best gift you can give your beard of tomorrow. Apply a few drops in your hands and comb it in from the roots to the tips. There are many beard oil brands out there but there are only a few that have all natural essential oils like Australian Sandalwood, Argan Oil, coconut Oil, and Flaxseed Oil.

Applying beard oil in the night will save you time in the morning

People always ask us about a popular myth, “ Does beard oil bedtime create build up to prevent growth?” If you want your beard to do your bidding you must learn how to train it. How you train your beard all depends on how your beard naturally grows. If you keep your beard short and close to the skin, could just use a premium comb. However, if your beard is wizard length or if you look like you own a micro brewery in Portland, invest in a beard brush. Both tools will help you distribute your premium beard oil evenly through the hairs.

Take it from the master: At the end of your day, take a nice warm shower and use your premium beard oil. Massage in a little more beard oil than you normally do in the morning. This pro tip will allow your beard to soak in the goodness while you sleep. In the morning, you’ll wake up fresh and smelling great.