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Secrets for the best shave for men’s sensitive skin

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Our faces, in case you hadn’t noticed, are extremely important. It’s the most distinct part of us, what people remember (or forget). It can be a great boon or a detraction to one’s attractiveness. Given the face’s great importance in society, however shallow, facial care should be a top priority for every man.

What do you do, however, if you have sensitive skin? How do you keep your face as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom in the face (pun not intended) of constant agitations such as washing and shaving? What’s the best shave for sensitive skin?  If you’re wondering what shaving techniques men with sensitive skin should apply in their shaving routine, this is the guide for you.

Shaving for Men with Sensitive Skin

It’s no secret that shaving can be very irritating on the skin. Few things are worse than a red and stinging face post-shave. Thankfully, by incorporating some tricks and techniques both during and prior to shaving, you can spare your face a lot of annoyance.

First, you need to make sure that you are using the right tools. Blades should be clean and sharp. Rusty or dull blades will not only open the way to infection, but will give you a terrible shave (and likely cuts as well). If you experience any tugging or discomfort while shaving, that means it’s time to change your blade.

Once you’re ready to shave, you need to soften up your face and facial hair. Use a gentle face wash or scrub (make sure it’s for sensitive skin) with warm water to soften your hair and skin prior to shaving. Then, you should apply shaving cream or gel that is especially made for sensitive skin. Use a shaving brush and swift circular motions to apply. This will soften your hair and help defend your skin against bumps, nicks, and cuts. You can also consider using a pre-shave oil in addition to your shaving cream. Pre-shave oil not only softens skin but keeps it smelling great as well!

Be sure you are using proper shaving techniques. You should shave with the grain in the direction of your hair growth. For a closer shave, or if necessary, carefully go against the grain. Shave using light, gentle strokes. Rinse your blade frequently with warm water.

Post-Shave Routine for Men with Sensitive face Skin

So you’ve shaved, but you’re not done yet! Post-shaving care is just as important as the act of shaving itself. In fact, it’s your post-shave routine that will save your face from later irritation. You should rinse off your shaving cream with comfortably cool water and pat dry with a clean towel. Then, you should apply a hydrating aftershave lotion or cream. Pat, don’t rub, the cream in. This will cool and moisturize your skin, leaving it healthy, happy, and stress-free!

Properly Treat Cuts

 When it comes to shaving, cuts and nicks come with the territory. You should have a toolkit at the ready for when a cut or nick occurs. Properly treating shaving injuries will protect you from infection and will help your cuts to better heal and not leave unsightly scars.

 One great option for treating shaving cuts is using a styptic pencil. A styptic pencil is a medicinal stick-like object used to close wounds. It was a common feature of shaving kits in the 1950s and earlier. Simply wet the tip of your styptic pencil and apply it to your cut. It will sting a little, but it’s well worth it. Within minutes, your cut should stop bleeding and close up. Invest in a practical, more aesthetically pleasing solution to your shaving cuts. Styptic pencils are in—toilet paper’s out!