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Protein: The Best Non-Animal Sources

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Many nutrition experts refer to protein as being the holy grail of nutrients.

If you’re new to going vegetarian or you’re simply taking a break from your carnivorous indulges, you’ll be glad to know there are tons of great meatless protein sources available to keep you topped up.


Lentils are without a doubt the MVP of vegetarian protein sources. You can consume a whopping 18g of protein with just a single cup, but that’s not the only thing that has made them such a valuable player – they also contain a ton of vitamins and fiber. Nothing better than a good lentil soup.


It’s strange to see something so green be so high in protein. Edamame beans pack a serious punch when it comes to protein content by providing you with approximately 16g per cup. A great snack to throw in your bag when you’re on the go.


Quinoa is the most fulfilling non-animal sourced type of protein that you can get your hands on. Despite the fact that there are 8g per cup, it also provides you with a total of 9 essential amino acids. Your body needs all of these amino acids in order to use protein to its full effect. In most cases, you’d have to get them from multiple sources. Quinoa hits you with all of them at once. Get creative and try replacing your regular morning cereal with some breakfast quinoa.

Chia Seeds

At first sight, chia seeds seem like they contain a measly amount of protein, however, don’t let their innocent appearance fool you. You can consume around 10g of protein with just two tablespoons. Since they’re so tiny, you can add them to literally anything, whether it be savory or sweet.

All of the meat-free protein sources above taste amazing but more importantly, they give you that all needed boost of protein. The benefits of protein are wondrous by helping with things like muscle growth and keeping the immune system strong. The potential for recipes are endless. Get creative!