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Clubman Styptic Pencil vs. Other Styptic Pencils

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  • Clubman vs. Alternative Styptic Pencils

It’s the 21st century, and a time of technological advancements. It seems every day there is a new shaving product on the market, promising to do seemingly everything—except (for now) shave for you. However, even the fancy razors of today, with all their safety features and bells and whistles, can’t save you from shaving cuts. Read the reviews by the grooming experts for Glyder styptic pencil

Indeed, it seems no matter the age, no matter the tool, shaving cuts, scratches, and nicks are inevitable. While shaving cuts can’t be avoided, though, they can be treated. Styptic pencils, antihemorrhagic agents that instantly close shaving cuts, are the easiest and fastest way to heal your face and get on with your day.

Where to Buy a Styptic Pencil

Styptic pencils used to be quite common, and were standard fare in men’s shaving kits. While they are rarely used now, ask your father or grandfather about them—they probably used them back in the day. Styptic pencils are unfortunately not that easy to find anymore. Whereas once upon a time they were available at every drugstore, it might take a bit of digging to find one in stores these days. Your best bet is trying your local pharmacy or drugstore. Some select supermarkets might carry them as well.

If you go on a run for a styptic pencil, keep in mind that you might return home empty handed. Shop attendants may or may not be able to help—most will have no idea what you’re talking about when you mention “styptic pencil,” so get ready for some blank stares. Because styptic pencils are so rare to find in stores these days, most men just order them online. One of the most common styptic pencils is the clubman styptic pencil. The clubman styptic pencil is a simple, inexpensive styptic that can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, similar stores, and online. At a buck or two or less, its low price is an attractive factor for many. However, buyers beware: this stypic stick is as basic and functional as it gets. Don’t expect any frills or even guarantees with this product. Experienced shavers know that price often reflects quality, and many prefer to be more selective in shopping for their nick-treatment options.

Stop shaving cuts with alternative styptic pencils

We’ve sung accolades to styptic pencils, but how do they really work? A styptic pencil is a medicated stick that is made out of pressed powdered crystal. It’s pressed into a handy “stick” size and shape. Before the multi-blade razors of today, a styptic pencil was standard fare in every man’s bathroom. To use a styptic pencil, you simply wet the tip of it with some water. Then you apply the tip directly to your bleeding scratch, cut, or nick. The styptic pencil has astringent properties which will cause the blood vessels to contract, cauterizing the wound and stopping the bleeding. The styptic pencil only needs to be applied for a few seconds. It should close the wound almost instantly. If it doesn’t work the first try, however, a second round will do the trick. Styptic pencils do burn, but the pain, while stinging, lasts just a few seconds. After a few times of using your styptic pencil, you’ll hardly notice the sting anymore.
Styptic pencils may be small, but they pack a big punch. The typical styptic pencil can last months, or even years. Indeed, some men have had one styptic pencil their entire lives! The steadier your hand while shaving, the less frequently you’ll have to use your styptic pencil. Even if you use it daily, however, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Clubman Styptic pencil vs. Glyder

The clubman styptic pencil is popular and easy to find—so why not just stop your search there? While the low price and the simplicity of the clubman styptic pencil may seem ideal, there are alternative styptic pencils on the market. The Glyder styptic pencil combines modern science with shaving tradition to bring you a dynamite product. The Glyder styptic pencil packs a lot of power into a convenient casing. Glyder is fast, effective, and safe. It’s guaranteed to work to close all minor shaving cuts, scratches, and nicks. It can even be used for non-shaving cuts—in fact, use it wherever you see fit!

Unlike the clubman styptic pencil and other common styptics, the Glyder styptic pencil is far more practical. It comes in a retractable, water-proof case, making it not only discreet but longer lasting. Most styptic pencils, including the clubman styptic pencil, come as stand-alone sticks, with no casing or cover. That leaves them exposed to drying and cracking, not to mention a host of gross bacteria. Plus, uncapped styptic pencils melt over time, especially if they’re kept in the bathroom where there is lots of humidity. That’s why the Glyder styptic comes in a retractable case—it keeps it safe, hygienic, and intact.

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