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Curly Beard Tips that You Need Right Now

2018-04-05T10:28:07-05:00 April 5th, 2018|Beard Grooming|
  • Smart tips for guys with curly beards

So here’s the deal, when you are growing out your beard, you’re going to get some curly hairs that misbehave. There is no easy way to tame a curly beard so embrace it.

With the beard care routine you’ll learn how to style and maintain your curly beard. Here are few tips & tricks to tackle your curly beard:

Kaivan, Glyder co-founder with a curly beard

me with curly hair in my beard

1. Trim your beard regularly:

While I was growing out my beard,make sure that I got my beard trimmed every 2 weeks. It really helped control my curly beard hairs while I developed my style.

2. Proper beard care routine:

One thing I learned that really helped was incorporating a hair dryer in to my post-shower routine. It saved me time and revealed curly hairs faster. I also started using a beard comb with a wider tooth because it helped get those curls to straighten out.

3. Key Information on beard grooming products:

  • Don’t use any beard care product that contains alcohol. Alcohol dries your skin and hair which lead, flaky skin and split ends.
  • Never apply beard oil or beard balm on a wet beard.
  • Always apply beard oil or beard balm on a clean beard to style it properly.

As I continue to experiment and refine my battle against, wild curly beards, I’ll keep you posted on what I discover. Please let me know how you deal with your curly beard.