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Cut yourself shaving? Keep your cut from bleeding with these effective methods.

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A real shave is an art form, mastered through practice and infallible concentration. Any monkey can wield a cartridge razor, leaving behind a patchwork of stubble that bears all the hallmarks of a rare, tropical disease. To get that uniform closeness, you will have to live dangerously. Blood may be shed along the way.

Don’t lose your cool, this isn’t Game of Thrones, but when your shaving nick won’t stop bleeding, rather than slink to work with your face pockmarked with toilet roll, try a better solution.

Popular but ineffective method to stop bleeding after shaving

In order to stop shaving cuts from bleeding, you must stop the flow of blood and encourage a clot to form. Toilet paper may work, but it can take a long time, and doesn’t make the best first impression to that lady on the subway, or for that performance review with your boss.

Other suggestions include the application of ice to the cut. In theory this constricts the blood vessels and can close up the smallest nicks, but it can be both impractical and ineffective on the more rugged of wounds. Now you’re not just bleeding – you’re cold, wet, and bleeding.

The truth is that the most popular ways to stop shaving cuts do not work in many situations, and are reliant on a bit of astute forethinking. Somehow keeping the “just in case I cut myself shaving” ice in the freezer doesn’t seem particularly James Bond.

Grandad knows best

Styptic pencils have been around for a long time. You might even find one in your Grandad’s shaving kit, but most are prone to crumbling up in the sink to leave a gooey mess. A newcomer to the market, “Glyder” can be retracted into its protective casing, offering unrivalled protection and longevity.

Styptic pencils are a discrete and highly effective way to stop a shave cut from bleeding. Products that are retractable are longer lasting than ever before, and can be effortlessly applied to shaving cuts on the go. They are designed to sit as comfortably in your pocket as in your medicine cabinet, and most importantly are antihemorrhagic, contracting the tissue around the cut to help form a seal.

Understanding how to stop bleeding after shaving is a necessary step towards a better shave. Cuts and nicks may sting a little, but blood stains on your shirt don’t wash out. Save face, save your laundry bill and save a few bucks with a styptic pencil.