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Daily Beard Routine: How to maintain your glorious looking beard

2018-02-22T02:33:54-05:00 February 22nd, 2018|Beard Grooming|
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You are alive at the best time in history for caring for your for your manly mane. Here are 6 pointers on how to grow a beard and how to get your beard growing straight.

Beard Grooming Tips and Tricks

Take your time

The best beards come to those who don’t fuss too much. As your beard grows, resist the urge manipulate your beard for the first month. For proper beard grooming, just let that sucker GROW with minimal intervention. This will help your whiskers grow in evenly and will buy you time to research the right style and beard supplements you’ll need to invest in.

Keep your face clean. Keep your beard clean.

If you want a happy, healthy beard, you must keep your face clean. Just cause you can’t see the skin under your thick beard, doesn’t mean you can pretend it doesn’t exist! Your beard can be the unwelcome landlord to food particles, dead skin cells and other uglys that can lead to an itchy beard and breakouts. Here is a guide to how we like to keep our beards clean.

Pick a beard style that makes sense for your face.

Stylish beardThis might seem like an obvious suggestion, but if you have a tiny face, you shouldn’t be growing a stache the size of Yosemite Sam unless you want to look like a ping pong ball that can skip rope. Take a look at this handy chart by Birchbox if you’re not sure which beard to sprout.

Sharpen your trimming skills

A great looking beard requires great trimming skills. The best trimming skills are learned, but if you want to get a head start, buy yourself a premium trimmer.

Reach for the Beard Oil

A happy and healthy beard is maintained with premium beard oil…PERIOD. Grab a bottle of the best, all natural beard oil and use it regularly to tame your rouge whiskers. There are many varieties to choose from, in a range of manly scents, but you’ll want to make sure they have key essential oils like Argan, coconut, flax, and jojoba.

Teach your beard to behave

If you want your whiskers to do your bidding, depending on your beard length, you’ll want to invest in a beard brush or comb. Regularly trimming your beard will help keep the desired length, but it won’t lock in that style you’re after. Some beard oils can offer a degree of hold, but you really need to train your hairs with the help of a brush or comb.

Your Mustache needs love too!

So you’ve taken excellent care of your beard, now what? The answer is right under your nose. If you don’t give your mustache the same love you give your beard, you’ll be sporting only half baked look. Train your mustache hairs with the regular use of a comb, apply beard oil to your mustache and if you’d like, add mustache wax to hold the style you’re looking for.

Take your vitamins

Your beard won’t build itself. Give your body the building blocks it needs to create your perfect beard. If you’re on a paleo diet, you’ve got a head start. Basically, you want to enrich your body with lean meat proteins, healthy fats and leafy greens. If your regular diet does not include plenty of those foods, look to fish oil supplements and collagen peptides.

2018 is the year for a change. Find all you need about the daily beard routine and care in 2018 for a thicker, shining and healthy beard.