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Interview tips for smart men

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Interviews can be daunting for us all, uncertainty catches most people off guard.

You want to enter that room with confidence and the reassurance that you know how to blow them away and get the job. If you’re reading this, you’ve already given yourself a better chance.

First Impressions DO Matter

If you have a potential employer sitting in front of you, one of the first things they’ll be checking is how you carry yourself. Can they see you being a respectable part of the business?

If you come in dressing without impressing, you’ve decreased your chances severely from the very beginning without even uttering a word or shaking a hand! The first 10 seconds are crucial in every interview. From then on, the interviewer is deciding whether or not you’re a fit based on the initial encounter.

Dress smart and make your hair look presentable. And please (PLEASE) make sure your hygiene is taken care of. Don’t drown yourself in cologne, just take a freakin’ shower and spent time on a good shave.


The more research you’ve done, the more confident you’ll be. Confidence eradicates anxiousness every time. Sprinkling specific parts about the job opening and company throughout the interview will give you bonus points. The interviewer will see that you care and truly want to be an effective asset for them.

Take The Drink!

Often times before the interview begins, you’ll be offered a drink. Even if you’re not thirsty, politely agree to have one. This won’t have any immediate effect on the interviewer’s opinion of you, however, it can act as a buffer to buy you some time.

If there’s a particularly difficult question, “umming” and “ahhing” is the last thing you want to do. Instead, take a sip of your drink to give you a few more seconds to think about your answer. This will also demonstrate how comfortable you are which always bodes well.

Final Pointers

In combination with the above tips, you should aim to sit up straight and lean in slightly to show your interest in the job. Maintaining natural eye contact will also ensure that the interviewer is assured that you’re absorbing everything he or she is saying. Breathing is also critical. You don’t want to show your nervousness by hyperventilating.

Take on board these tips and imagine the interview scenario in your head. This will make sure you’re equipped with EVERYTHING you need to get the job. Good luck on your job hunt!