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The fastest way to stop bleeding after shaving

2016-06-17T17:56:29-05:00 June 17th, 2016|Styptic pencil|

Stopping the bleeding on minor shaving cuts can turn your leisurely morning routine into a spoof episode of ER. There’s nothing more frustrating than those tiny cuts that won’t stop bleeding, without even the courtesy to leave you with a cool scar afterwards. Luckily this article will teach you a sure-fire method to stop bleeding quickly if you cut yourself shaving.

How to quickly stop a shave cut from bleeding

Put away the ice tray, box of tissue and pack of bandaids. You’re only going to need one thing. The legendary “stop bleeding stick”, also known as the styptic pencil.

Your ancestors have been using shaving pencils to stop bleeding for decades, but the invention of the electric razor and questionable ‘90s fashion trends, saw them drop off the scene. However, Kurt Cobain is out and Don Draper is in, and gentlemen around the world have been rediscovering the art of a traditional shave, and popularity of the “stop bleeding stick” has surged.

To apply, first wipe the blood from your cut, then apply the styptic pencil to the wound. It will sting a little, but very quickly the skin will tighten around the area and the cut will stop bleeding. This quick way to stop bleeding after shaving is the cleanest, fastest, and most effective method in your grooming arsenal.

Some styptic pencils are packaged ineffectively, leaving them susceptible to breakage when wet. To avoid this problem, we suggest that you choose a product with a retractable casing, just like a lip balm. This allows you to expose only the tip of the pen to water, ensuring that it doesn’t fall apart in the sink during use.

The beauty of this technique is that it stops bleeding almost instantaneously, and can be done on the move. The stick just slips into your pocket, and can be applied as soon as you notice a fleck of blood.