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How To Apply Beard Oil On Face

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Congratulations, you’ve stopped shaving and decided to grow a beard! Now let’s learn how to take care of that manly mane with premium beard oil. If you haven’t invested in beard oil yet or you’re looking to replace your old brand with the latest and greatest, follow this link to choose from three awesome oils we can’t recommend enough. Once you’ve got the good stuff in hand, keep reading to learn how and when to apply beard oil to your face.

Should you use beard oil every day? YES, but first, let’s think about your beard goals and how your hair grows naturally. The thickness and the length of your beard is the first thing to consider when building a beard grooming regime.

Depending on the viscosity and quality of the oil, a few drops may be all you need. Most beards need between 6-7 drops a day. We’ve made this handy chart to give you an idea of how much beard oil you should used, basing it on the age of your beard.

Hairless/Pre Growth (4 weeks) 4-5 drops Every Morning or after bathing
4 – 12 weeks 5-7 drops Every Morning or after bathing
12 – 48 weeks 7-11 drops Every Morning or after bathing
48 weeks + 11+ drops Every Morning or after bathing

How much beard oil should you use, based on the age of your beard?

How to apply beard oil to a short beard? Simple! Treat your beard like an early growth beard, about 4 weeks old. 4-5 drops should do the trick.

How to apply beard oil

Most beard oils come in 1 to 3 ounce, glass bottles. A lot of beard oil brands include eye droppers to measure out each drop of beard oil, while others offer a slightly less messy option by using a pump dispenser. This might seem like a small detail, but it’s much easier to accidentally knock over and spill your beard oil if it dispenses with an eyedropper. That’s why we think the pump design is a welcome innovation to beard oil bottles. However, it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts and we think these are the best beard oils on the market.

How to use beard oil

Dispense the appropriate amount of beard oil into your palm, based off of our recommendations above. Rub the oil evenly between your hands to increase the chances of even distribution. Massage the beard oil into your skin and drag your fingers through your beard towards the tips. The best time to apply beard oil is right after you get out of the shower or have just washed your face. Your skin is warm and clean which will help the beard oil penetrate your skin and stay on your freshly cleaned follicles.

How often should I use beard oil?

Those of us that have a beards, use premium beard oil everyday. We apply it in the morning, right after we wash our faces and right after we get out of the shower. Think of beard oil as a leave in conditioner and deodorant, nourishing your beard all day. Not matter how long your beard is, making beard oil a part of your daily routine is a good thing.

A premium beard oil must have these attributes and natural essential oils in it or you’re wasting your time and potentially harming your beard. Spend a little more money and invest in yourself. You and your beard are worth it.

If you find excess beard oil on your hands, you can make the most of it by rubbing it into any dry patches of skin (top of your hands, elbows, etc).