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How to get clearer , younger-looking skin – every man’s top secret

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Everyone can benefit from clear skin. This includes men, even though skincare for men isn’t exactly a popular topic. Clear skin plays a crucial role in your appearance, and whether we like it or not, it changes how you perceive yourself.

Healthy skin can brighten the face and keep you looking younger throughout your ears. Having your own manly skincare routine is crucial not only for looking good, but staying healthy as well. Proper skin cares helps protect your skin from the harsh sun and the even harsher passage of time. If you’re wondering how to get better skin, follow the below tips to put your best face forward.

How to Have Perfect Skin for Men

The key to younger looking skin for men? Consistency in routine. Commit to a lifestyle of keeping your skin clean and healthy, and the results will speak for themselves. That means you can’t splash your face with an acne wash every few weeks and expect real change. Be patient and stay committed and clear, ageless (well, you know, more or less) skin can be yours! Try out the steps below, in the order they appear, and watch your skin change.

Putting our mom pants on for a moment. Firstly, Don’t touch your face. When you put your hands to your face, you slather it with oils, dirt, bacteria, and other environmental debris that can lead to acne outbreaks. It sounds gross, it IS gross – don’t do it.
Drink water. Make sure that you’re drinking enough water on a daily basis. Water keeps your skin hydrated and is key to clearer skin for both men and women. Staying hydrated promotes circulation in the skin, encourages skin repair, and is one of the best ways to get better skin.

Wash your face daily. This one should be a no-brainer. Wash at least twice daily (morning and night), with a product designed for face washing. Opt for a soft cleanser or acne wash. There are many face products for men’s skin out there – pick one up and give it a whirl.
Exfoliate. Exfoliating should be a part of every man’s routine. Exfoliating clears off dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from your face, opens up your pores and paves the way for new, fresh and vibrant skin to grow. Some face washes have exfoliating beads in them, but we recommend something more manual like a gentle washcloth or exfoliating-specific scrub.

Moisturize. Another aspect of your daily skincare routine should be moisturizing. Do it every time you wash your face. Be sure to get a moisturizer ideal for your skin type. Check your labels – there are subtle changes in formulas for men with oilier skin or dry skin. Skipping this step actually causes your skin to produce more oil than necessary, which can lead to, you guessed it, more breakouts.
Shave correctly. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to skincare for men is maintaining a proper shaving routine. First, consider switching from your modern multi blade razor to a safety razor. Safety razors don’t bite into your skin as much and are less likely to cause acne. Always wet your face with warm water to open up your pores and apply a rich spread of shaving cream on your face. Shave with the grain whenever possible and be sure to use the weight of the razor, not your hand, to cut. If you do cut or nick yourself by mistake, give Glyder a go! Glyder has antihemorrhagic agent that stop bleeding from shaving nicks and cuts.