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How to Soften Your Beard Today

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It’s finally cold outside, which means your beard is going to need to be able to stand up to the elements. For most men, the main concern is the texture of the beard. Coarse and/or curly beards become an itchy nightmare if left untamed.

Let’s take a look at how to soften a beard.

Wash Your Beard Regularly

Here’s a fun fact: smelly beards are absolutely disgusting. Keep yours clean at all costs. Find a solid beard shampoo that contains as many hair-boosting ingredients as you can handle like aloe vera, B vitamins, and essential oils. Just like the hair on your head, you don’t want to wash it too often lest you dry it out.

After your shower, pat dry your beard and let it air dry for a few moments before continuing your routine. If you’ve got some growth to your beard, avoid being too rough with it so all of those glorious hairs remain in tact.

Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is the number one most effective way to get a softer beard. Not only will it help keep your beard smooth and manageable, it also helps moisturize the skin under the beard to reduce itching and possible inflammation. Good beard oils can also help improve your complexion by rebalancing your skin’s oil production. Wins all around.

If you want to enhance the effects and complete the beard healing process, add a nice beard balm when you’ve finished with the beard oil. Beard balm will help trap in the oil and provide an extra boost of nutrients for your beard to feed on.

Get a Beard Comb/Brush

One of the most overlooked parts of maintaining a soft beard is the brush. If you have a longer beard or have just applied some nice beard oil/balm, it’s probably looking pretty scraggly.

Before you leave the house, grab your comb (or brush if it’s not that long) and go to work on your beard to straighten it out.

If you’re using a brush, make sure it’s a boar bristle brush which are the best at evenly distributing oils and keeping the hairs soft. If your beard is long enough for a comb, make sure you get a special beard comb with wide-spread teeth designed to minimize damage to your beard.

Make sure you brush or comb your hair at least once a day to start training your hairs. Staying consistent will help your hairs grow more orderly and in the same direction.

Trim Less

Of course you might need to take the shears to your beard every so often to avoid looking like Gandalf, but if you’re rocking a cropped-cut beard, just trim less.

As you start getting a beard maintenance routine, you will see a huge difference in how it feels, grows, and looks. After all, you know what they say: With great beards come great responsibility.

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