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How to Stop Bleeding from Shaving

2017-11-01T17:37:46-05:00 November 1st, 2017|Stop bleeding after shaving|

I believe you will cut yourself shaving occasionally regardless of what type of razor or blades you are using. Sometimes shaving cuts are caused by a small bump on the skin or you might have ingrown hair or simply you are moving fast as Lighting Macqueen. It doesn’t matter how careful you are during the shaving process but shaving cuts are going to happen and nobody wants to walk into an interview or go on a date with a toilet paper or open wound.

There are few different ways to heal a shaving cut or what is known as nicks & cuts. I personally, of course, like our Glyder’s Styptic Balm but here are all few different ways to heal your shaving cuts:

  1. An Ice Cube, not the rapper but actual cold Ice Cube. Get that and hold that against your cut for 30-45 seconds. This will constrict the blood vessels and is going to stop bleeding. After this, I would recommend nourishing your skin by putting on your aftershave. 
  2. Apply Alcohol Wipes or witch hazel based toner or your aftershave. In this method make sure to wash your face with cold water after especially using alcohol wipes. 
  3. There is something called Alum Block. It’s a small block made of the mineral potassium alum. This is a good and healthy way to get your shaving cut to stop bleeding. 
  4. I have never used this method but I have read about it many times. You can use your Chapstick on the wound. It will stop the bleeding from your shaving cuts. 
  5. I personally do not like this method but it’s called using “Moisturizer on the cut”. I think you should keep the shaving cut open for few hours before applying anything. 
  6. This will hurt like hell but it’s called using your MOUTHWASH! It’s just like using alcohol and Listerine mouthwash does have alcohol. 
  7. You can even use your Deodorant. Yes, I know, sounds nasty but if you ever needed your shaving cut to stop bleeding…this could work :/