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Itchy Beard? 3 Tips on How to Stop It Now!

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There are many reasons why guys do not want to grow a beard. Trust me I know, I have tried to grow out a beard few times and I had to shave it due to how itchy it can get. During my process, these are the tips & tricks that helped me with stopping my beard from itching. As a human, I do find it very odd that certain people are able to go thru the pain that comes with an itchy beard but then I do ask myself this question that does everyone get the itchy beard? This really led me down to some deep research and here is a breakdown of it:

Why do we get beard itch?

Most people start shaving around age 17-18 and after shaving for years and years…your hair is going to be very hard and sharp.  So, think about it now, you have a beard with long and sharp hair…this is where the war begins. The itchy beard was has begun! Right, no wonder your girlfriend doesn’t like your beard.

Shaving a beard

Another reason behind an itchy beard is due to a dry skin or dryness. When you have a beard you really need to learn how to dry your beard clean and healthy way. The increase that’s developed by the dryness creates more problems inside your bread like acne, breakouts, and dandruff.

Quick and easy way to stop beard itch!

If you go to and search for an easy way to stop beard itch, you will come across 100+ options. These are my own personal steps that have helped me fight my beard itch. These tips and tricks aren’t gone fix things overnight. You will have to develop a routine to maintain your beard clean and healthy.

  1. Pillow Case: Yes, it’s true. You need to be washing your pillowcase at least every week. This is another place that a lot of people overlook when it comes to keeping your skin and face clear.
    Change pillow case every week
  2. Rinse over and over and over again: This is a basic step. You really need to be careful and make sure that you rinse out your beard shampoo and conditioner. Take time and make sure there is nothing left behind. This is the main cause for dryness inside itchy beard.
    Rinse out your beard shampoo
  3. Beard Oil: Over the last few years beard oils have become very popular. The beard oils that are used for beard are made specifically for a beard growth. Take time to massage your beard with proper beard oils so you do not have an itchy beard. Always try to keep your beard healthy and clean by using hair growth beard oil.
    Beard Oil keeps beard itch free
    Photo by Chinh Le Ducon Unsplash
  1. Beard Comb: It’s important to own a beard comb to keep your beard clean and in shape. The beard comb will do a great job of removing weak hairs. It’s important to remove weak hair from your beard because it will remove any irritation and keep your beard clean – so no itchy beard!
    Beard comb helps with keeping the beard itch free
  2. Miracle Oil: After everything is done and before I leave my bathroom or house, I use this Miracle Oil. It helps me put a nice shape to the beard and it smells F*&^%$ great. The miracle oil is a blend of seven organic oil. It includes argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, flax seed oil and palm oil. That’s a whole lot of oils in one formula, lol, no wonder it’s called Miracle Oil. The Miracle Oil really has helped with my itchy beard.
    Miracle Oil for smooth beard

2018 is the year for a change. Find all you need about the daily beard routine and care in 2018 for a thicker, shining and healthy beard.