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Skin all over: guide to body-wide skincare

2017-02-06T17:46:13-05:00 February 6th, 2017|Shaving Guide|

For men, skincare wasn’t ever really supposed to be a thing, and then when we were told we had to take care of our skin, we moaned and groaned because we thought it was difficult.

Well, now it’s not. We boiled it down to two things. TWO things that you need to add to your routine beyond the basics like eating healthy and drinking water.


By now you know to moisturize your face. It lessens the wear and tear from shaving and smooths out wrinkles and any spots that look particularly weathered.

If you’ve got that down, the next level is to regularly moisturize your body as well. Most men don’t use body lotion. This is totally fine if your skin is naturally oily, but the majority of men who don’t use lotion, should.

If you want to streamline things in traditional dude-fashion, get a moisturizing shower bar or cleanser. No extra steps, just squeeze it into your loofa and enjoy the moisture. Focus on those areas that get really dry and cracked: elbows, knees, shoulders, lower legs.


Wear. Freaking. Sunscreen.

You might not think you need it, but trust us. You do. Even when it’s not super bright out, the sun’s rays are semi-murderous. Unprotected skin will lose its elasticity and produce less collagen. Your skin will start looking older, much quicker than if you were to protect it.

Skin cancer, age spots, wrinkles…just avoid all the bad stuff with some SPF 15 (or higher). For you lazy bunch that can’t be bothered, you can find moisturizers with SPF already in it. Just replace your lotion/face moisturizer with something good. It also doesn’t hurt to wear long sleeve shirts and brimmed caps if you plan on spending significant hours in the sun. Yes…even in the winter time.

You’d be really surprised at how much of a difference these two basic things will make in the long run. Ask those old dudes with spotty, wrinkly, discolored skin, and ask if they wish they would’ve taken better care of their skin. Well, don’t actually do that because it’s rude. But yeah…take care of yourself, buddy.