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Men Winter Hair Care 2017

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We’re right in the middle of winter, and depending on where in the world you are, your hair could be taking quite the beating. But it not might be the cold weather that’s doing the damage.

Good hair knows no season, but flaking, itchiness and dry scalp are all very common during these cold winter months, so here’s a list to see you through ‘till springtime.

Fix your diet

You might not realize it, but you’re much more likely to eat like crap during the winter. It’s cold, there are bunch of holidays to eat through, and, well…it’s cold. The extra portions can certainly have an effect on your waistline, but that’s not all. Your hair might show some side effects as well.

There are a few areas of your diet that are especially important. For one, protein. It’s one of the building blocks that help us create and repair our skin, nails, and of course our hair. If you’re not eating at least the recommended serving of protein each day, your hair growth will slow way down.

Other nutrients like Iron, biotin, and Zinc are also very important for hair health. If you’re having trouble fitting everything into the foods you normally eat, take a daily multivitamin. It will let you get all the hair-healthy nutrients you need. But it won’t cancel out those 3 extra cookies. Put them down.


Even with all the holidays around this time of the year, it’s natural to feel a bit more stressed out during the winter. What you may not realize is that this extra stress can actually be causing hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, and even greasy hair.

To help create a better scalp environment, we recommend using an essential oil to clean the area. Essential oils like horsetail plant oil and castor oil will prevent sebum-build up so you can avoid those scalp issues.

For all that stress in your life, try new ways to manage it if the old ways aren’t working. Physical activities like yoga, weightlifting, or pilates can help you de-stress with the quickness. Might be a good time to renew that gym membership.

Key Winter Hairstyles

A smart hairstyle will make all of this much easier. Here are a couple to try:

Mid-Length, Textured Hair

Winter Hair Tips for men

Easy to maintain in any weather condition. Just add a bit of pre-styling product after washing, and use a light matte paste to style it how you’d like. Make sure to use a good conditioner on a regular basis to avoid flakiness.
The Suede

Suede Hairstyle

A shorter look for guys who don’t want to have to deal with products and styling. It’s like a longer version of the army look. Again, just make sure to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner to keep it from flaking. Keep it looking as natural as possible.

If you take these tips in mind, you’ll make it through the winter just fine. Just remember to keep tabs on the condition of your scalp. It’s very easy for it to become dry or flaky if you don’t take good care of it. Only a few months to spring…you can do this!