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Your Must-follow Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

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Winter, with its harsh winds and dry climate, can wreak havoc on the skin. Still, few men appropriately modify their grooming routines to suit the winter weather. Keep your skin looking young and vibrant for years to come by implementing these winter skin care tips for men.

Skin type and Winter Skin Care

The first step for all skincare routines is understanding your skin type. Skin types range from shiny and oily, to dry or excessively dry, and anywhere in between. Those with drier skin may need more mild products that won’t dry out their skin even further, while those with oilier skin may need light products that don’t sit heavily on their face and won’t contribute to acne.

If you aren’t sure what type of skin you have, consider visiting the cosmetic department of your local department store. The staff there are well trained and can help match your skin to the right products.

How to Choose Right Moisturizer in Winter

Winter is dry and harsh—in fact, it’s much easier to get dehydrated in the winter than you think. The lack of humidity provided by the climate plus dehydration can have an impact on your skin’s condition. Make an effort to stay hydrated throughout the season, as the amount of water you drink will help keep your skin healthy. Other than that, the #1 most important step in your grooming routine in winter should be moisturizing.

How to choose right moisturizer in winter?

In winter, you’ll want to go a bit heavier than normal, especially when selecting winter moisturizer for sensitive skin or if opting for that clean shaven look in winter. If you use a lightweight cream or lotion, consider switching to a denser one. Look out for certain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (a great skin plumper), sodium PCA (a naturally occurring humectant that helps re-moisturize the skin), urea (a natural emollient that encourages cells to retain moisture) and glycerin (helps draw moisture to the skin and keep it there). And, if possible, grab a moisturizer with some SPF protection—it may be cold out, but the sun can still damage your skin!

Dry Lips in Winter and Proper Care

Winter may be romantic, but chapped lips are not. Dry, cracked lips are not only irritating and painful, but look unattractive as well. How to keep lips soft in the winter? Keep that pucker presentable by keeping your lips moisturized. There are many different creams, balms, and salves that will save your lips this cold season—what you use is really up to personal preference! Just make sure that the product you choose contains SPF, as this will help protect your lips from the winter cold.

Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

While staying moisturized is the key tenet to men proper skin care in winter, there are a few other best practices you can employ along with your preferred men grooming routines in winter to ensure you keep your skin soft and vibrant all season long.

  • Stay protected against the elements. Make sure you dress appropriately and protect your skin where possible. This means covering your head (yes, the skin on your head can dry out in winter too), face (with a cloth or scarf), and eyes (sunglasses, goggles, etc).
  • Protect yourself against the sun. The sun is just as dangerous in the winter as in the summer, if not more so because it doesn’t occur to people to be weary of it. Opt for products that include SPF and continue to apply sunscreen before spending long periods of time outdoors.
  • Implement a proper shaving routine. If you’re going for that clean shaven look in winter (but even if you aren’t), it’s essential that you keep to a proper shaving routine in winter. Each step in the traditional wet shaving process helps keep your skin soft and strong. Open your pores with hot water, soften your hair follicles with pre shave, protect your skin by lathering up, and apply aftershave and/or moisturizer when you’re done! Also, don’t leave any wounds out in the cold air—apply a styptic stick to instantly close cuts and nicks, and be careful not to leave the house exposed.