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How to treat shaving cuts on legs

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  • Treat shaving cuts on legs

Hey beautiful women, we all have been there. Getting a razor cuts on leg while shaving, it can suck and sometimes depending on the size of the shaving cut, it can also hurt or leave a scar on your leg. As soon as you cut your leg shaving, the first you want to do is run some cold water on your razor cut. This will reduce swelling and inflammation on the razor cut so it helps the shaving cut on the leg heal faster.

How to heal razor cuts on legs fast and easy

Glyder’s Styptic Balm For Her:
The Perfect Styptic Balm for Her. Packed with skin goodies like aloe vera, vitamin E and argan oil, this balm helps to heal shaving cuts fast and more efficiently than anything else on the market. Designed specifically for ladies who shave their legs (and want to leave legs smooth and sexy), The Perfect Styptic Balm for Her will treat shaving cuts on legs and protect wherever you’ve nicked or cut yourself shaving.

Ice Cubes:

It is known that ice can help constrict the blood vessels to stop the bleeding. It’s one way to deal with your shaving cuts. On a side note, running ice on the leg after shaving can make your skin less irritated.

Lip balm or Chapstick:

This is your temporary solution to fight the shaving cuts on your leg. Chapstick or lip balm can help with blood clotting and acting as a temporary sealant. The wax helps seal the shaving cut to protect it from inflammation. P.S: You won’t want to use that chapstick after 🙂

Eye Drops:

Brands like Visine have ingredients that act as vasoconstrictors. That means when blood vessels constrict, blood flow is slowed or blocked. It is not the best solution to apply on cuts but it will help treat shaving cuts on legs.


Pretty much any lotion that helps with moisturizing, nourishing and softening the skin can potentially help slow down the pain and shaving cut. The lotion helps you keep keeping your skin hydrated and it will heal, but only if the bleeding has stopped completely. This is a messy way to treat the shaving cut on your leg.

It’s important that you are careful when dealing with shaving cuts, because you don’t want an infection or a shaving scar. There are many different healthy ways to heal your nicks & cuts without putting a toilet paper and holding it till it stops bleeding. We hope these 5 quick tips & tricks help you next time you might cut yourself shaving. Any other ideas? Leave a comment and share your bonus tip!