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How to Avoid Shaving Cuts on Legs, Quickly & Fast

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You are always careful when it comes to shaving buttttttt it happens to all of us. When it happens, it sucks, because you are never prepared for it. There are times when you are in rush and things just go completely south and you end up cutting your leg while shaving. Ouch! I know it hurts because shaving cuts or a.k.a nicks & cuts are painful, time-consuming and messy to deal with. There are especially messy when you are wearing something white!

However, when you do cut yourself shaving your leg, you must make sure to treat your shaving cuts properly because they can become infected and might leave a shaving scar.

Here are few quick ways on how to avoid getting a shaving cut on your legs:

  1. Shaving Cream: It’s important to use a proper shaving cream that can help you with a smooth shave. Please do not use your body soap.
  2. Razors: Are you using the right quality razors? Do not use cheap disposable razors because it will lead you to nicks and cuts. Try using a men’s razor if possible. Checkout: Harry’s or The Art of Shaving for their razor collections.
  3. Shower: Try to shave in the shower and not outside. A warm shower (heat) can make your hair follicle softer, so it’s easy to shave.
  4. Exfoliate: If you have time, it’s suggested to exfoliate your skin, so you can remove your dead skin cells for a closer and clean shave.
  5. Shaving Oil: If you apply some shaving oil, it will make the razor to glide easier on your skin.
  6. Rinse: Always remember to rinse your blade between strokes, so the razor is not clogged with your hair or shaving cream.

Now let’s talk about if you do cut your leg during shaving, here is the quick, non-messy and most natural way to stop the bleeding from shaving cuts. The Perfect Styptic Balm works like a charm. It has aloe vera, vitamin E, argan oil, tea tree oil and jojoba that contains anti-hemorrhagic agents that facilitate platelet plugging to substantially decrease bleeding.

Glyder styptic balm to apply on shaving cuts on legs

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