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Shaving Nick relief explained

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Did you know that the average man will shave at least 20,000 times in his lifetime? That’s a lot of opportunity for shaving cuts! Indeed, it seems no matter how experienced a shaver you are, shaving cuts and nicks are unavoidable.

That said, shaving nicks and shaving nick relief have evolved with the times, making it easy to instantly stop bleeding from razor nicks! How? We’re gonna give you the low-down on what are shaving nick relief products (alum block, styptic pencil, powder, styptic liquid), how to use them, and where to buy them. So tune in for the nitty gritty, because this is your guide to shaving nick relief.

Shaving Nick Relief Products Vs. Toilet Paper

No matter how way you slice it (no pun intended), starting the day with a shaving cut is no fun. But no matter how old you are, it’s time to drop the toilet paper. Your go-to method may have been to reach for the toilet paper, but we’re here to tell you to stop. There are way better options for shaving nicks and shaving nick relief.

First, hold a damp cloth against the nick or cut. Press it gently until it stops bleeding. To reduce inflammation, you may apply an ice cube to the affected area if you wish. Just be sure to wrap it in a cloth so that it doesn’t come into direct contact with your skin. Then you can use a shaving relief product such a styptic liquid, styptic powder, or styptic pencil. A styptic is an antihemorragahic agent used to treat cuts and wounds. It causes your blood vessels to contract and come together, closing open areas quickly.

Styptic liquid: Styptic liquid is a styptic in a pasty liquid form. It typically comes in small bottles, ranging from one to a few ounces. Simply apply a drop to the infected area and wait a few seconds. The wound should close up nearly instantly.

Styptic powder: Styptic powder is, as it implies, styptic in powder firm. Simply dab a little bit onto your wound, add a little water, and viola! your wound should close.

Styptic pencil: What characters styptic powder vs classic styptic pencil as a nick relief product? Styptic powder may seem appealing in its simplicity and cheap price, but it’s not as effective as a classic styptic pencil. The styptic pencil is called “classic” for a reason—it’s the good stuff, the original formula. Plus, styptic pencils offer much less of a mess, and can be transported much more easily. If you prefer the powder form of application, you can always break off a bit of the stick and make a powder out of it. Convenient and compact, there’s no better choice than a styptic pencil for your shaving treatment needs!

Shop Online for Shaving Relief Products

The mass marketing of multi-blade safety razors has contributed to the decline in the sale of styptic pencils. However, as more men realize that these so-called “safety” razors don’t actually do much to help avoid nicks and cuts, they’re turning back to the classic shaving methods of their forefathers. For the best styptic pencil on the market, look no further than Glyder. Our styptic pencils will never let you down—they last for ages—and with easy online ordering, you can take care of your shaving needs without even leaving your house.