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The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Stop Razor Cuts from Bleeding

2018-02-05T08:00:55-05:00 February 5th, 2018|Shaving Guide, Styptic pencil|
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Bleeding or getting nicks and cuts while shaving? Studies show that most of the nicks and cuts that happen during shaving are due to having very sensitive skin.

Our Founder and CEO, Kaivan Dave, does deal with bleeding when shaving just like you do, so he put together a list of products that you can have in your bathroom in case you get a razor cut and need to stop the bleeding and sting fast:

1. Glyder’s styptic balm

Glyder balm for shaving cuts

This styptic balm provides an instant solution and stop the bleeding from shaving razor cuts right away. The patent pending formula create a smooth balm application that leaves no chalky mess and an alcohol smell. After the bleeding from razor cuts stops, a blend of aloe vera, vitamin E, argan oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba nourish your skin to promote the healing process.

2. Toilet paper

Toilet Paper is not good for skin

Yes, you read right. Though it’s not ideal, it always does the trick in situations where you don’t have anything else that can help you stop the bleeding from shaving cuts. It’s simple and it does stop the bleeding with toilet paper. Unfortunately, toilet paper isn’t good for your skin.

3. Good ol’ styptic pencil

Old school styptic pencil for shaving

This is what our grandfathers have used for many years to stop the bleeding produced by shaving cuts. To use this old school styptic pencil all you have to do is demp the tip and press against your shaving nick for a few seconds. This will sting, and it will also leave a powdery residue behind.

4. Ice Cube

Ice cubes to quickly stop the pain

This one is simple, but it is time consuming and can be really messy. Rub the ice cube firmly, but carefully, against your shaving cut to stop the bleeding.

5. The Old School Alum Block

Alum Block to treat face after shaving

Alum block can be used directly on the shaving cut as well. It works just like the old school styptic pencil. The only difference between styptic pencils and alum blocks is that the styptic pencil is for localized treatments while the alum blocks is meant to treat your entire face. It also has the tingly sensation and sting to it as well.

6. Aspirin Powder

Aspirin Powder to reduce pain

The main ingredient in the aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid and that chemical can support to reduce pain, fever and swelling to prevent formation of blood clots. If you do not have any styptic pencil in your bathroom then this “Aspiring Powder” can help with stop the bleeding with the minor shaving cuts. Just take 2 aspirin pills and grind them till it’s in a powder form. Apply the powder on to the shaving cut and it should help with stop the bleeding.

7. Mouthwash

Alcohol in mouthwash acts as an astringent

If you cut your lip during a shaving process the mouthwash is a great solution to help you stop bleeding from the lip. The alcohol in mouth acts as an astringent and applying it to a wound helps the blood clot more quickly.

8. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper to Stop Bleeding

Cayenne pepper stops the bleeding in 10 seconds. If you’ve cut yourself shaving and do not have any styptic pencil or styptic balm, researches show that you can stop the bleeding with Cayenne Pepper.

9. Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol Pads to Skin

The alcohol wipes or maybe known as alcohol pads are used for cleaning the skin area before applying any solution to the cuts or giving an injection. If you are dealing with minor shaving cuts then the alcohol wipes can help you with stopping the bleeding.

10. Chapstick

Chapstick for smaller shaving cuts

If you do not have any toilet paper and alcohol pads handy next time you can use your chapstick to stop the bleeding from shaving cuts. According to this article on Lifehacker, it does actually work pretty well on smaller shaving cuts. They also recommend that you probably do not want to use that lip balm after using it to stop the bleeding 🙂

If you have any other effective methods that can help our community learn more ways to deal with nicks and cuts please share them with us and we can add them to this list.