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Stress & Beard Growth: Does stress affect beard growth?

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Stress & Beard Growth: Does stress affect beard growth?

A well-groomed beard with dense growth and cut lines has become the new style trend these days. Beard is perceived as a sign of maturity and masculinity, and men always try new suggestions to enhance their beard growth. An impressive beard requires a lot of things- right from personal care to mental health. While using the right products like beard oil and cream helps in shaping your beard, you also need to declutter your mind and relieve it from all kinds of stress. 

Relationship between stress and beard growth

Stress can affect you in various ways- it usually begins with mental fatigue and brain fog; and can contribute to serious health problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. But did you know that stress also has an impact on your facial hair and beard? Yes! Stress has a tremendous impact on your beard growth. Stress increases the production of cortisol in your body which crashes with your hormone level, thus, hindering the healthy growth of your beard. Stress also restricts the flow of vitamin and other nutrients to your hair follicles and reduces your beard growth. Too much stress can also lead to brain fog which impacts your ability to focus, eventually, affecting your facial hair growth. It would help you to know the various reasons for brain fog and how it affects your health and beard growth. 

If you want to grow a healthy beard, it is essential to avoid stress at all cost. While there are different ways of reducing stress, the following are some common remedies that work for most people:

Get good sleep

If you are always occupied with a lot of work and activities, you hardly get time to sleep. However, having enough time to rest and relax is very important because it helps the body to function peacefully and improve your testosterone levels. Hence, sleeping is known as an anti-stress remedy. With reduced stress levels, your body will have optimal production of cortisol which, in turn, would help in healthy beard growth.

Keep yourself hydrated

A hydrated body maintains a healthy level of body fluids. This helps in lowering your stress level and provides you with a positive mental peace. Moreover, staying hydrated helps in blood circulation and ensures that the vital nutrients reach your skin. This, in turn, rejuvenates your skin and beard hair follicles, helping in adequate growth.  

Regular exercise and meditation

Regular physical activity and meditation help to reduce stress by taking off your mind from bothering issues. It provides you with mental calmness and relaxes your mind and body. Besides, it also helps in blood circulation, thereby ensuring that all the necessary nutrients reach the hair follicles. This nourishment helps in healthy beard growth. 

Avoid brain fog

One of the most critical effects of stress is brain fog- a mental problem affecting your memory and focus. It will help if you put in sincere self-care efforts to avoid brain fog- right from improving your diet to getting adequate sleep to playing games. Here are some brain fog remedies you can try at home if you want to avoid brain fog and relieve your stress.  

All in all, different people have different views on how stress can affect your lifestyle and facial hair, but scientific research says that high levels of stress lower your potential for beard growth. When you are stressed, you tend to lose your sleep, appetite and other body functionalities, which have a direct impact on your hair follicles. It is, therefore, advisable to reduce your stress levels and also use hair-friendly remedies to complement your beard growth.