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Styptic liquid to stop bleeding from shaving

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Are you a guy? Then the chances are that you shave. And if you shave, the chances that you frequently encounter shaving cuts and nicks—regardless of how much experience you have—are high. That’s just a fact of life. It’s Murphy’s Law, really. You may not be able to avoid shaving cuts, but you sure can treat ‘em.

You can get faster healing of shaving cuts with a styptic product. A styptic, which comes in the form of a styptic liquid or stick, is an antihemorrhagic agent—i.e. it’s a medicine used to quickly close up cuts. Back in the day, it was standard fare in men’s shaving kits. Your grandfather and maybe even your father probably had one. But what’s the big deal about styptics? Aren’t they mere shaving relics of the past? As it turns out, styptics are an excellent tool to keep in your arsenal!

Faster healing of shaving cuts with a styptic product

You may have seen bottles of styptic liquid in your relatives’ medicine cabinets or sitting in a corner pharmacy somewhere, gathering dust. What is stypic liquid and what is it used for?
Styptic liquid has many different uses, but there is no better way to treat shaving cuts and nicks than with a styptic. A styptic contains ingredients—namely anhydrous aluminium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral—which act as a vasoconstrictor for disabling blood flow. It contracts tissue and seals injured blood vessels. Styptics work quickly and efficiently to close wounds. That’s why they are commonly used by militaries in the field and by paramedics. Styptic products have an added benefit too—their astringent properties serve as a disinfectant. So your styptic serves up a dual-power punch: it both closes up your shaving cuts, and treats them!

Styptic Liquid vs. Styptic Pencils

As aforementioned, there are different forms of styptics. The most common commercial styptics come either in liquid or stick form. So should you opt for a styptic pencil or styptic liquid to stop bleeding from razor nicks and minor cuts? A styptic pencil is the quintessential choice for the modern gentleman. It’s simpler, easier, and classic. Your grandfather used one, your father likely used one…carry on the tradition!

There is little difference between applying liquid styptic vs dry styptic pencil. To use a liquid styptic, you just unscrew the cap and apply to your wound. Just be careful not to put too much and to read the ingredients—many styptic liquid and gels have added compounds or ingredients, such as aloe vera, scents, and oils.

A styptic pencil is easy to use: apply it directly to your cut (you’ll feel a slight sting), and viola! your wound will close up almost instantly. Wipe away any residue and you’re done—no toilet paper or cream necessary! Because they often take the form of dry pressed powder, styptic pencils are much more convenient and last longer than styptic liquid. Not only can you easily soothe bleeding from shaving with styptic pencil, you don’t need to worry about your styptic pencil leaking or spilling anywhere. That means you can easily pack it along in your carry on with no trouble! For just a few bucks, you can own a product that will save you time, money, and pain. You’ll never need to apply toilet paper or a band-aid to your face again!

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