Styptic pencil

Styptic Pencil Alternatives

Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. Whether you’re traveling and don’t have your full shaving kit, or just want to try something new, you have a few options as styptic pencil alternatives.

Alum block

An alum block is a crystal-like stone with antiseptic properties that cools and refreshes the skin after shaving. When applied after shaving, it stops the blood flowing from minor nicks and cuts. Some men use an alum block every single day to cleanse their skin and close their pores. If you’ve ever experienced irritation after a very close shave, running an alum block will negate that problem.

As a styptic replacement, will suffice in a pinch, but its astringent is not as strong as that found in styptic pencils. Meaning the bleeding doesn’t stop as quickly. Use it only if you don’t have a styptic pencil around!

Liquid Styptic

The other type of styptic. They look just like traditional pencils, and they serve a similar purpose, but they work a bit differently. Liquid styptic is packaged like chapstick, but with a roller-style applicator. The wet formula dries clear and is usually full of skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

Liquid styptic is bit more expensive and for some men, the liquid is not as good at stopping the real bleeders.

Styptic Matches

These handy books of matches feature a small amount of traditional styptic at the tip of each match stick. Simply tear one off, wet the tip, and apply like you would a normal styptic pencil. Then throw away. Great for traveling! These are hard to find in any stores, so you’ll want to order your matches online ahead of time.

Powdered alum

Powdered alum is traditionally found in baking powder. It’s also used to turn cucumbers into pickles. Yum?

Just dampen your finger and press some of it on your cut. It’ll have the similar astringent effect to an alum block, but it could get a little messy. That’s pretty much what happens when you get your post-shave product in the spice aisle.

So, sir, those are your options. In a perfect world, you’d have a good old fashioned styptic pencil. But if you don’t, now you’re flush with alternatives.

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