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10 Styptic Pencil Alternatives…Or, “The Insane Bodily Experiments Post”

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Packing for a trip can be a nightmare. You need to remember so many things. Trying to cram everything in at the last minute can make it challenging to make sure that you’ve got all of the essentials.

Last updated: November 2017 

This article was originally published in May 2016. It has been updated with new information.

If you’ve ever arrived at the skycap to find out that your suitcase is too heavy, then you know the agony of figuring out which clothing items need to be left behind. In case, you forgot to pack your dopp kit, or in case you forget to pack your styptic pencil, the following are a few solid alternatives that you can use in place of your Glyder styptic balm.

Be warned, some of these items may sound a bit insane. However, they will work in a pinch. That being said we don’t actually recommend any of these other than the patented formulas found in Glyder styptic balm. Remember, we aren’t doctors and our advice should be taken with a grain of salt, toothpaste, or cayenne pepper–you’ll get the joke by the time you finish the article!

1.Alum block

This is the first and foremost way to stop the bleeding fast. It has been a stable as a secondary solution to styptic pencils for a long, long time. If you aren’t familiar, an alum block is a crystal-like stone with antiseptic properties that cools and refreshes the skin after shaving. When applied after shaving, it stops the blood flowing from minor nicks and cuts. Some men use an alum block every single day to cleanse their skin and close their pores. If you’ve ever experienced irritation after a very close shave, running an alum block will get rid of that problem.

As a styptic replacement, will suffice in a pinch, but its astringent is not as strong as that found in styptic pencils. Meaning the bleeding doesn’t stop as quickly. Use it only if you don’t have a styptic pencil around!

2. Liquid Styptic

The other type of styptic. They look just like traditional pencils, and they serve a similar purpose, but they work a bit differently. Liquid styptic is packaged like chapstick, but with a roller-style applicator. The wet formula dries clear and is usually full of skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.
Liquid styptic is bit more expensive and for some men, the liquid is not as good at stopping the real bleeders.

3. Styptic Matches

These handy books of matches feature a small amount of traditional styptic at the tip of each matchstick. Simply tear one off, wet the tip, and apply like you would a normal styptic pencil. Then throw away. Great for traveling! These are hard to find in any stores, so you’ll want to order your matches online ahead of time.

4. Powdered alum

Powdered alum is traditionally found in baking powder. It’s also used to turn cucumbers into pickles. Yum?
Just dampen your finger and press some of it on your cut. It’ll have the similar astringent effect to an alum block, but it could get a little messy. That’s pretty much what happens when you get your post-shave product in the spice aisle.

5. Toothpaste

Ah, this is a classic rookie mistake. We would never suggest using toothpaste when you could use your Glyder applicator. But, if you’ve left yours at home, toothpaste is actually a great way to stop the bleeding. It’s a little esoteric, but the chemicals in toothpaste can help the wound to heal up faster than it would on it’s own. Fair warning, however, the minty freshness, or hot cinnamon flavor of your toothpaste can give you quite a jolt. Embrace the pain for a few seconds and it should go away.

6. Cayenne Pepper

This list may be starting to sound a little insane, but we can ensure you that cayenne will help. It burns at first, but its healing properties can help to alleviate bleeding. Just be careful not to get it on your hands, if you do, make sure to use copious amounts of soap and hot water before you touch your face, eyes, or skin.

7. Salt

OUCH! Salt in an open wound? You might be thinking, “Yeah, right I’d never do that.” Despite being a popular phrase in American vernacular, salt in an open wound can actually be a good thing. However, good old-fashioned table salt can actually help your cut to heal faster. That’s why after vacationing your salt water swims in the ocean will drastically help your cuts to heal. Sounds painful, but bear with us if you need it in a pinch, just a pinch of salt will do.

8. Ice cubes

You may be confused; we are not recommending that you use the rapper Ice Cube to heal your cut. Although, if you do see him please pass along our products! If you are stuck on the road, chances are you are staying in a hotel. And it’s likely that you will have access to a nearby ice machine. If you don’t have anything else on this list, try using ice cubes. But be warned, this is the messiest way to heal a cut fast.

9. St. John’s Wort

This only works if you have the dried leaves lying around. Perhaps you are using this for your garden. Taking a pill you find in your medicine cabinet isn’t going to work. For best results, mix with water and dab onto the cut for fast-acting relief.

10. Eye Drops

That’s right those little drops that relieve your red, itchy eyes from allergies or sinuses work wonders at helping heal a cut. Only use this as a last resort, but it will work when you need it to. Don’t trust us, check out this article at GQ.

So, sir, those are your options. In a perfect world, you’d have a good old-fashioned styptic pencil. But if you don’t, now you’re flush with alternatives. We recommend that you order two Glyder styptic balms, so that you can keep one in your medicine cabinet, and one handy to pack when traveling.

Glyder can also help you if you cut yourself at a theme park, at the beach, or the worst–if you get a paper cut that just won’t stop. It can also cure minor annoyances that involve bleeding, like hangnails. You can even let your female friends use it if they cut their legs, while shaving for the beach.
What guy doesn’t want to be the knight in shining armor who helps their women friends in their time of need?

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