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The Styptic Pencil – Why it is a useful holiday shaving gift for Father’s Day 2016

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A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow. Fathers serve as the guiding hands on our shoulders, the ones who believe in us and encourage us to pursue our dreams. It’s very likely that your father was the one to teach you how to tie your shoes, ride your bike, and so much more. A key component of the rite of passage into manhood, too, is the father teaching the son how to shave. So this Father’s Day, why not bring the tradition full circle by giving your father a useful and timeless holiday shaving gift?

Cheap and Effective Gift for a Man’s Daily Shaving Routine

Garion started shaving. “Try to keep away from your nose,” said Hettar wryly. “A man looks quite strange without a nose.”
–from Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings

Was your pops there when you endured your first cut? Did he teach you how to close the wound and care for it? Perhaps whenever you get a cut, you remember whatever it was he said to you at that time, each blood-stained bit of toilet paper serving as a bizarre throwback to childhood. Don’t worry, we get it; there’s a certain weird nostalgia associated with shaving. Your father did his best to teach you how to shave safely. But as all men know, cuts and nicks are unavoidable. In fact, no matter how old and wise you get, you’ll find yourself still suffering from shaving nicks. It’s Murphy’s Law; it’s just how the world works. But what if you could give a holiday shaving gift that makes the cuts, nicks, and scratches that much easier to deal with? And what if you could give said gift with nay a dent in your wallet? Drum roll, please, because we’d like to introduce you to the styptic pencil.

What is a styptic pencil? There are many reasons why the styptic pencil is a necessary part of man’s shaving kit. A styptic is an antihemorrhagic agent…i.e. a device that stops bleeding. A styptic pencil is a short, medicated stick made out of a pressed powdery substance known as anhydrous aluminium sulfate. Styptic pencils are used to seal small cuts and nicks, and used to be a common feature in shaving kits. Styptic pencils work within seconds, and not only stop bleeding, but disinfect, tighten pores, and cool and refresh the skin. This multifold efficiency is just one of the many reasons why you should consider a styptic pencil as a gift for Father’s Day 2016.

Styptic Pencils—Remarkably Easy to Use

Most people are stubbornly set in their routines. Many men are partial to their particular shaving habits, and it can be difficult to convince your dad to incorporate a new technique into their regimen. Thankfully, the styptic pencil isn’t just another piece of burdensome tech. Styptic pencils are not only incredibly affordable (they’ll run you less than a takeout lunch), but they are also very easy to use.

To use, all you have to do is open up your styptic pencil, run the tip of it under some cold water, and then apply the tip directly to the cut. The tip should be pressed to the cut for 5 seconds. It’ll cause a slight burn, but the pain evaporates quickly, and is well worth the results. The wound should cauterize almost instantly, leaving no marks or blood behind. The styptic pencil may leave behind some white residue, but this residue is easily washed off with water. Once you’re done treating your cut, be sure to clean the tip of your styptic stick thoroughly with water, so no bacteria sticks to it. Pat it dry with a clean towel and store in a cool, dry place. Moisture activates the styptic stick, so keeping it near water or in a damp location may cause it to melt. Another thing to keep in mind: the styptic stick is meant only as treatment for shaving cuts, so it should only be used after shaving. It has no effect if used before, and may dry out the skin. So forget gauze and bloody bits of toilet paper, using a styptic pencil to seal cuts is the smart way to treat shaving accidents.

Where to Buy a Styptic Pencil as a Gift for Father’s Day 2016

Styptic pencils used to be as common as shaving cream. Unfortunately, since the invention of safety razors, styptic pencils are increasingly hard to find. Indeed, most men have never even heard of them, which is a crying shame, considering how useful they are. If you’re looking to buy a styptic pencil as a Father’s Day gift, don’t bother hitting up your local pharmacy, because you probably won’t find one there. If you do, it’s probably covered in cobwebs and dry as chalk—not good.
Instead, opt for the most cost-efficient and best styptic pencil on the market: the Glyder styptic pencil. This revolutionary styptic pencil is crafted in a discreet, retractable-case design, keeping your styptic pencil dry, safe, and long-lasting (we’re talking years, here). With easy ordering and great prices, you’ll be well on your way to winning the Son of the Year award. You can thank us later.