Stop bleeding after shaving

Band-Aids vs Styptic Pencils – which one is better to stop bleeding on shaving nicks?

Any one who has slipped their razor and nicked their face or neck while shaving understands how stubborn a tiny cut can be. After the requisite blotting with toilet paper, some turn to band-aids to stem the flow of blood. Nothing like a “flesh-colored” bandage on your face when you head into the day.

Great news – there’s a better solution. Styptic pencils are a much better solution than band-aids for small nicks?

Why a styptic pencil is best to quickly stop bleeding after shaving

In the battle of band-aids vs. styptic pencils, the latter offers some potent advantages. Styptic pencils, although lesser known, have actually been on the shaving scene for some time. You may recall your grandfather keeping an alum block or stick in his shaving kit. This is essentially a rudimentary form of the modern styptic pencil.

Styptic pencils of the past could be used once or twice, but poor manufacturing quality and packaging would leave a crumbly, wet mess in the shaver’s palm. Fortunately, their 21st century counterparts have been better designed to meet the demands of a modern gentleman.

Rather than using an entire band-aid for a miniscule nick, a styptic pencil can be applied to the affected area, and usually stops the flow of blood within a few seconds.

And now, a moment for our environment. Band-aids are not always biodegradable, and add to the ever-increasing trash pile of last generation iPhones and Al Gore’s campaign badges. Destroying the environment for a close shave isn’t really cool, so we suggest that you save the wound dressings for the real emergencies.

Glyder on the other hand is a styptic pencil in a protective casing made with recycled materials, which offers a longer lasting, portable solution to razor cuts. For most shaving nicks, there is no need for a band-aid at all, and bleeding can be stopped with little more than a styptic pencil.

If there’s a LOT of blood…

For more severe cuts, you may have to apply firm pressure to the wound, clean it with antiseptic, and dress it with a sterile bandage. This kind of injury is rare, but it can happen, so we don’t suggest multitasking while shaving. Trying to beat your Candy Crush score while shaving your neck line with a straight razor may feel great at the time, but the nurse at ER won’t be so impressed.

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