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Superheroes With Beards

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We don’t need to be serious all the time when we are learning about beard care or beard growth. Growing up, I was addicted to comic books and the storylines they would include! I always paid attention to superheroes with beards and found their facial hair styles fun and intriguing.

Each superhero has its own unique power and style, that’s what made them so special in my eyes. So I made a list of my current favorite superheroes that I think have the coolest facial hair. These heroes know how to look great while they’re kicking ass with facial hair stylings ranging from beard and goatees, to mustaches and soul patches.

My favorite superheroes with beards:

Iron Man, a.k.a, Tony Stark. Ever since the movie came out in May 2008, at some point everyone has tried to grow this superhero beard. It’s not an easy beard to grow or to maintain. Robert Downey Jr. is definitely able to pull off this superhero- Iron Man beard.

When you think about superheroes with beards, the first person that comes into my mind is Hercules. Hercules personality and beard fit perfectly together! Dwayne Johnson owns the hero beard in this movie.

Stephen Amell who doubles as Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow in the hit show ‘Green Arrow’, owns the light scruff beard. His scruffy beard plays perfectly to his bad-ass character of being a sexy rich boy during the day, and a take-no-excuses robin hood at night.

Chris Hemsworth and his beard were perfect for the role of Thor. This beard evolved over the years in the movies. You can see how in the first Thor, when he was just taking over the reigns, to Ragnorak, where he is now fully encompassed on the throne, how the beard has taken effect to empower him. It has gone from having a messy scruff to now a well taken care-of beard. Hail Thor!

Superman’s beard in the Batman vs Superman was different then we had seen before! It looked fully grown in and some would say un-kept This played perfectly into his role in the movie and how his personality was portrayed. Bravo Superman for pulling this look off.

Fury and his beard own the room when he walks in. He is the Director of S.H.E.I.L.D and his clean cut beard adds the authority you need when you have to lead a team of super heroes into battle.

Wolverines beard has changed over time, but the one thing that always stays constant is you can feel the internal struggle that Wolverine deals with thru his beard.

Jason Momoa’s beard in Aquaman is AWESOME. It portrays him as smart, sexy, strong leader. You can tell the beard has a story of its own and when this movie comes out, I guarantee people will be at the edge of their seats to find out what that story is.

Okay – So Vandal Savage is not a hero, he is a villian. Villains are bad, I get it. But his beard is anything but that. Vandal Savages facial hair is perfectly done. It is lined up, evenly trimmed and looks like he used some oil, rubbed in a balm, used a blow dryer before getting on set.

“This is Sparta!!” King Leonidis in the movie 300 may not be the typical superhero, but he possessed an awesome power. He was able to rally 300 spartans to defend his city Sparta against a HUGE army. He instilled love and confidence into his small army and gave them a chance. His beard, empowered him. It gave a sense of I am the MAN and I will lead you into this battle. The beards from ancient greek times, I believe are the most powerful.

The Beast is another controversial superhero. He didn’t have any special abilities. But he had heart. His beard told a story of a long lifetime of heartache and pain. It almost felt as if each strand of facial hair had a story of its own to tell.

Doctor Strange went from being a brilliant cocky surgeon to having lost everything to become the Sorcerer Supreme. You can see his beard evolve in the movie as he goes thru all of these phases. The thin lined beard we know him from is trimmed to perfection and I believe depicts his wisdom and power.

I always find so much joy in seeing how each superhero wears their beard and how it can elevate each of their powers or persona to a different level. In 2018, we are going to be blessed with over six superhero movie releases, and I for one am excited to see who will be sporting a beard this year!

Who are your favorite superheroes with facial hair? I’d love to know!