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How to properly shave your neck

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Shaving your neck jockeys between the first and second most terrifying place a man might regularly hold a razor to…It can be frustrating at best ,or down right painful at worst. It can cause you to be late for your day and to sport a neck flecked with dried scabs.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about shaving your neck. It’s tough to get a close shave without getting too close and cutting yourself. Plus, after you shave you can be left with a neck covered in painful nicks, cuts and even ingrown hairs. Here is a list of things you can do to help prevent the unfortunate consequences that come with shaving your neck.

1. Switch from warm to cold water shaving

It may sound like another layer of torture added to an already torturous process, but give it a shot when you’re wet shaving your neck. Cold water can help those hair stand straight up, ready to be shorn. Plus, cold water can get your pores closed so they don’t get clogged during the shaving process.

2. Check your grain

Your facial hair may grow in a consistent direction, but odds are, your neck hair doesn’t behave in the same way. Look your neck over carefully and you’ll notice that your neck hair may grow in multiple directions. Keep track of these wacky whiskers and always shave WITH the grain of each growing pattern.

3.Wash your face AND Neck

This may seem like a no-brainer, but think about it. How many times have you given your face a great scrubbing with your favorite soap only to leave your neck completely hanging and yearning for the same attention? Slow down and wash your neck. A clean neck will reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

4. Don’t be a cheapskate when buying your razor

You want a well made blade that you can count on for more than just one shave. You want a razor that is designed to be gentle while still being sharp and effective and yes, it is possible to have it all, but it may cost you more than you’re use to. This is key and how to shave your neck without irritation.

5. Help your hair stand up

With clean hands, it’s ok and encouraged to spread your skin apart gently so that the hairs stand up. Tilt your head back and use two fingers help your hairs stand at attention so you can decrease the number of passes you need to make with the razor.

6. Don’t push and don’t rush

It’s better to be slow and gentle vs pushy and fast. Your face doesn’t care that you’re in a hurry and it would rather you wait until you had enough time to shave properly vs plowing through it causing ingrown hairs, razor bumps, nicks and unsightly cuts.

7. Post shave clean up is a MUST

If you don’t want razor bumps, pimples, or even infections, please please please, for the love of your face and neck, wash your face and neck one more time with soap before you apply your aftershave.

8. How to trim the back of your neck and how to trim your neckline

You want to treat the back on your neck with the same great care you now promised yourself you’ll do to your front. How to shave the back of your neck should begin with a thorough cleaning, followed by cold water, premium lather and a well made blade. Post shaving, you’ll also want to clean the back of your neck again before applying aftershave.

There are no guaranteed ways to keep your neck safe from irritation, but give these 9 tips a shot and you’re certainly notice an improvement. Good luck!