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How to start a sustainable beard regimen

2018-03-09T13:15:32-05:00 March 9th, 2018|Beard Grooming|

2018 is the best year to start caring for your beard. The tools, treatments and products available today can give you a legendary beard previously not possible. Here are 6 tips to build into your beard care regimen.

Don’t rush a young beard

A common question we get besides “How to start a beard regimen” is “How often should you groom your beard”. Resist the urge to fool with your beard for the first 4-5 weeks. The best beards come to those who don’t fuss too much. It may sound counterintuitive but letting your beard grow how it naturally wants while give you a lot of information on how it will to behave. With that information, you’ll be able to select the best products and accessories to match your beard styling strategy.

Wash your beard when you wash your face

A clean face doesn’t mean you wash just the exposed skin and your done. Nope, sorry guys. Your facial hair needs to be washed and cared for just like the rest of your mug. Even though your beard can keep your face warm, it can also keep skin irritants around. That’s why you want to thoroughly wash your beard to get rid of any dead skin cells which can cause itchy beards and breakouts. Here is a guide to how we like to keep our beards clean.

Select a beard style built for your face

Tips for beard careBefore you start thinking about special treatments for your beard, you’ll want to make a clear plan on what type of beard you’re after. Even though you might have loved Lord of The Rings, your face might not have the shape to pull off the wizard look. That’s ok! Grow the beard that works best for your facial structure and don’t look back. Need help picking a style? GQ MAgazine made this handy chart.

Trim it to win it

Just like a perfect lawn, your beard needs to be trimmed to maintain an even, healthy look. A legendary beard must be maintained with expert trimming skills that all beard owners need to learn. Buy yourself a premium trimmer and check out this helpful article on how to trim your beard.

Beard Oil is your new best friend

Another question we get asked is “When to apply beard products”? Once you’ve gotten your beard cruising at the right length, you’ll want to adopt a premium beard oil to keep it healthy and growing strong. Pick up a bottle of all natural beard oil and use it daily to nurture your beard right. There are dozens of beard oil options out there, but there are only a few that have key essential oils like Argan, coconut, flax, and jojoba.

Train your beard for greatness

If you want your beard to behave and bring home a gold medal, you gotta train it. How you train it all depends on your beard length. If your beard is generally close to your skin, you might be able to get away with just a premium comb. However, if your beard can dangle in your breakfast cereal, you’ll want to add a beard brush into your grooming regimen. Frequently trimming your beard can keep the shape in check, but it won’t promise the style you’re after. Beard oil will really help with the styling, but you’re going to want to invest in a premium comb like this one from the Chicago Comb Company to distribute the beard oil evenly.

Show love to Mustache

Give your mustache the same love and care you gave your beard. No excuses! Wash your mustache with the same care as the rest of your face. Then you’ll want to comb the same premium beard oil in, down to the follicles.

You and your beard are what you eat

Everything is connected. If you’re a performance athlete, you know that what you eat dictates your gains. You have to fuel your body with quality foods and supplements if you want lean muscles to form. It should be no surprise that your skin, nails, and hair require the same great fuel to create the best results. If you’re on a ketosis diet, you’re already on your way. Make sure your diet is dominated by lean meat proteins, healthy fats and leafy greens. If you feel like your diet may not be as perfect as you’d like it, add collagen peptides, and fish oil supplements to your daily regimen.

2018 is the year for a change. Find all you need about the daily beard routine and care in 2018 for a thicker, shining and healthy beard.