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Shaving Cuts Suck: Learn How to Treat Shaving Cuts In 2018

2018-07-05T12:42:22-05:00 June 29th, 2018|Grooming|

We all know a smooth, clean shave can be hard to come by. What’s even worse is cutting yourself shaving before a wedding, date night or a job interview.

According to our survey, the majority people’s go-to method has been using toilet paper to try and stop the bleeding. It’s messy and ineffective and there is a better way.

Next we decided to ask our readers a hypothetical question that if there was a product that stopped shaving nicks and cuts from bleeding without the hassle of tissue or bandaids would they use it? According to the survey 95% of the users said, they would use a product that was designed to help with shaving nicks & cuts.

That’s why at Glyder we have spent over last two years researching about products that helps with shaving nicks & cuts. In our research we have learned that there has been no innovation done to the products that are currently available in the market that helps with stop the bleeding from shaving cuts.

So we decided to take this upon yourself and invented Glyder’s Styptic Balm, which is formulated with premium natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin e, argan oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil to help quickly stop the bleeding from shaving cuts.

The Styptic Balm is specifically designed to help stop bleeding from shaving nicks & cuts. It’s definitely new to the game but it’s already won an editor’s pick at and calls it an MVP product.

It’s already received over 151+ reviews from the customers who have been using the products to deal with shaving cuts. Along with that top grooming professionals have reviewed the product s and it’s earned nothing but 5 stars reviews. Here are a few testimonials on how effectively it stops bleeding from shaving cuts.

We are always trying to keep up with the demand for our products, but due to the overwhelming popularity, occasionally we do run out. However, we’re pleased to announce that right now, for a limited time, buy 2 styptic balms and get 1 for free. Click the banner below to take advantage of this limited time offer.