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Should You use Vitamin E after Shaving?

2017-11-24T02:42:44-05:00 November 24th, 2017|Guides, Man Grooming|
  • Vitamin E healing properties after shaving

We recently ran a survey around what men use on their face after their shave routine. I went thru all the many different responses, and noticed quite a few mentioning they use Vitamin E Oil when they are done shaving. This is something I had not tried yet, and definitely piqued my curiosity as I had been seeing a lot companies begin to incorporate Vitamin E in different products. I wanted to learn if Vitamin E would really help with my skin after I was done shaving. So I decided to give this a try myself and see what the buzz was all about!

I used Vitamin E Oil after shaving for 2 weeks and here is what I learned from my experience:

  1. Applying the oil oil on razor burns – Helped sooth the burning the sensation, which I think helped it heal as well.
  2. Applying on my razor bumps helped prevent and lighten some of the dark scars I would get.
  3. Using the product for 2 weeks, I could see a difference in my skin overall. It definitely helped nourish it and made my face feel smoother.

There are many different products you can use to help with your skin regimen after you finish shaving. I know I will be always be looking for a product that incorporates Vitamin E oil going forward. I would just remind you to make sure you ask yourself these questions when looking for the right one: Do you know what all the ingredients are in the product? What are you looking to achieve by using this product? Will the product provide ingredients that will help nourish your skin? AND do not be afraid to try different products before deciding which is best for you!

I truly believe one should always care about the skin on their face. Feeling good and fresh can add a boost to your day and change how you feel about yourself. Always think about what to put on your face after shaving. After all, you’re a handsome dude, #SAVEYOURFACE!

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