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What to do if you cut yourself shaving

2016-06-17T18:46:04-05:00 June 17th, 2016|Styptic pencil|

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a close shave. Ditching your safety razor for a more traditional tool certainly offers a finer finish. However, as your grandpappy knew, even a seasoned barber has the occasional slip.

Razor cuts are generally not life-threatening injuries, but they can sure be inconvenient. Knowing how to stop bleeding when you cut yourself shaving can save you from trailing to work covered in toilet paper confetti. Not a good look for your 9 a.m meeting.

To effectively treat your shave cut, it’s important to move fast. However, before you can act right away after you cut yourself, a little forethought is required. While tissue paper and some antiseptic will allow you to clean up the wound, (in an awkward, gooey kind of way) there are more effective ways to stop the bleeding.

Styptic pencils are one of the most effective and convenient vasoconstricting treatments for small wounds. When applied to the shaving cut, the hemorrhagic ingredients encourage the skin around the cut to constrict, and help to form a clot. The combined effect of this constriction is that the flow of blood can be quickly stemmed. Moreover, styptics allow you to keep the cut uncovered and clean, without the need for a band-aid, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Lower risk of infection, and amazing hemostatic effects? You may be wondering why styptic pencils haven’t already made the band-aid obsolete. Until recently, styptics were a little inconvenient to store and reuse. Packaging solutions were outdated and after a couple of uses, you would be likely to find that your beloved stick had crumbled into a white mush.

Thankfully, new products such as Glyder offer a neat solution to protect against annoying disintegration. With a smart retractable casing that protects the pencil from unnecessary moisture, this simple adaptation means that styptics can now be applied on the move. This once essential addition to the gentleman’s shaving kit is back once again, helping us get that perfect clean cut.

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