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Will Eyedrops stop the blood from my shave cut?

2016-06-17T15:07:02-05:00 June 17th, 2016|Styptic pencil|

Maybe you’ve been in a situation recently where you’ve cut your face shaving. Everyone does it – no big deal – but while you search your bathroom counter for a quick solution, you may end up using something a little ridiculous.
Like eye drops?

There’s a commonly-held belief that the common eye drop can assist in stemming blood flow from a shaving cut. Scientifically speaking, there’s an element of truth to it. Eye drops help reduce redness and irritation in the eyes by constricting blood vessels. By the same token, eye drops will help to constrict the blood vessels in your cut.
There are, however, more suitable options out there.
Eye drops are designed for the small, delicate blood vessels in your eyes. Any cut that results from the slip of a razor will inevitably produce a deeper gash and more blood flow than eye drops can realistically handle.
Styptic pencils are a clean, convenient solution for cleaning up the blood from those nicks and cuts. Made with anti-hemorrhagic ingredients, these pencils quickly and efficiently shut down blood vessels and stop the bleeding – even from deeper cuts (in fact, similar utensils are used by the military for combat wounds).
New styptic pencil models – like the ones created by Glyder – have unique, retractable packaging that ensures the pencil remains protected and dry for use again and again. Serious shaving craftsman prefer this method to all others as the simplest, most effective solution for nicks and cuts. In essence, save the saline solution for your peepers – and turn to a real tool during your shave routine.