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Last Update December 25, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Styptic Balm Arrive?

A confirmation email will be sent your way after the order is placed and shipped. Your product will ship within 48 hours.

How does Glyder work?

The Perfect Styptic Balm works by temporarily narrowing the blood vessels to stop bleeding around the affected area, giving your body time to create a clot and heal faster.

Is it a topical antibiotic?

No. So be sure to use your favorite anti-bacterial soap after using Glyder.

Will I be able to carry this in my traveling kit?

Caring Glyder’s Styptic Balm is a breeze. There should be no issue with TSA when carrying Glyder’s Styptic Balm in your Dopp Kit.

Yes! Shipping straight to your door is included with your purchase.

Glyder is meant for anywhere on your skin where you may occur a minor nick or cut. We do warn our customers from not ingesting or poking their eye out with our product.

Nope. Leave it on and let it do it’s thing. You won’t see it on your skin. We recommend giving your Glyder a rinse, though.

You bet, Glyder is small enough to fit neatly into your pocket or any travel kit.

As heavy as a lip balm. If you’re concerned about carrying it, we suggest doing a couple of curls with your toothpaste tube to condition.

You will get the tracking number emailed to you as soon the product has left the warehouse. We try to ship every order within 48 hours!

Depending on how much you cut yourself while shaving, Glyder is supposed to last you for three months.

It’s very simple. If you do not like the product just ship it back to the following address:

Attn: Return Department
P.O. Box 8545
Bartlett, IL 60103-8545

Please include name and confirmation number on the outside of the return package

Yes*. Please email us to request RIPT testing documents.

Everything in the formulation is either plant or mineral derived. The only item in the formula that comes from any living thing is natural beeswax which as you know is a byproduct of bees.

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The Perfect Styptic Balm for Nicks & Cuts