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We design personal care products that inspire love and confidence.
Started With

Our founder’s burning desire to change the personal care and grooming industry, for the better.

September 2015

Shaving cuts were a major issue for Kaivan due to his sensitive skin. Research survey validated that it was a big problem across the category. This is when Glyder was born.

January 2016

The Glyder team started research and development on current solutions for shaving nicks and cuts. Thus, leading to the creation of the Styptic Balm to be the best product in the market.

July 2017

We launched our first product, the Styptic Balm in the Men’s grooming category after going through 46 different formulations.

November 2017

We became obsessed with creating all natural products in the grooming and personal care space.

December 2017

We started research and development on the Miracle Beard Oil to create the best oil in the market by working with flower alchemist.

May 2018

We partnered with Birchbox to launch our beard oil.