Our team

Meet the team behind Glyder!


  • Kaivan Dave

    Kaivan Dave

    • Founder & CEO
    • Man on Mission. Staying Uncomfortable
    • Determined, Ambitious, and Entrepreneur
    • KingJames, Drake and Minions
  • Jordan Rutherford

    Jordan Rutherford

    • Design Director
    • Illustrator and cartoonist
    • Once owned a bookstore
    • East coast to Midwest transplant
  • Zach Moss

    JackĀ Morris

    • Digital Director
    • There’s not a problem that I can’t fix
    • New tech enthusiast
    • After-hours DJ
  • Raechel White

    Raechel Smith

    • Marketing Director
    • Loves a good marketing strategy
    • Makes a killer chocolate chip cookie
    • Dogs > cats every time
  • Shawn Patel

    Shawn Patel

    • Chief Amazement Officer
    • Always finding a new thing: a failure or a success
    • Golfing for clarity, basketball for the competition
    • HAS to have one piece of chocolate everyday
  • Anita Valentinova

    Anita Valentinova

    • Traffic Director
    • Passionate about traffic, web and user experience
    • Loves Latin dances, the blue sea, and her cute pinscher puppy
    • Don’t overthink, just do it
  • ourteam1

    Keyur Patel

    • Social Director
    • Follow what you like
    • Get me on your social media platform and I’m trouble
    • Eats social media for breakfast
  • teamimage2

    Ivan Golev

    • PPC Director
    • Results, results, results – this is what I do
    • Loves to run in the forest and play soccer
    • The family is my life – proud father of 3 children

We’re always looking for sharp people that are a cut above the rest. We also like puns! If you want to change the way the world shaves, we want to hear from you.


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