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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
Meet The Team

We work hard and have fun doing it. Relentlessly working to provide perfection.

Kaivan Dave

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  • Man on a mission. Staying Uncomfortable
  • Determined, ambitious, and an entrepreneur
  • King James, Drake and Minions

Shawn Patel

BOALearn More
  • Always finding a new thing: failure or success
  • Golfing for clarity, basketball for competition
  • Has to have one piece of chocolate everyday

Jack Morris

Digital Director
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  • Not one problem I can’t fix
  • New-tech enthusiast
  • After-hours DJ

Josh Kim

Branding & Marketing Director
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  • You can always improve
  • Occasional gym goer
  • Coffee lover/addict

Anita Valentinova

Traffic Director
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  • Passionate about traffic, web, and UX
  • Loves latin dances, the blue sea, and her cute Pinscher puppy
  • Don’t overthink, just do it

Keyur Patel

Social Director
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  • Follow what you like
  • Get me on your social media platform and I’m in trouble
  • Eats social media for breakfast

Leandro Martinez

Social Media Strategist
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  • Passionate for marketing and communities of true fans
  • Love making tangible things when not making digital things
  • Soccer is life

Samuel Wetzel

Digital Marketing Intern
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  • Loves being an intern

Alejandro Nava

Digital Marketing Intern
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  • Also loves being an intern