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Styptic Pencil Product Review

The below review on Glyder’s Styptic Balm is going to cover the main question around how to treat shaving cuts and overall education around styptic pencil. Here are the main questions:

  1. What is a styptic pencil?
  2. How does a styptic stick work?
  3. How do you use a styptic pencil?
  4. What is a styptic stick made of?

Glyder’s Styptic Balm has been reviewed by the top influencers who has put there name and brand behind our product. It’s not just the influencers who have used our product but our modern “styptic pencil” has been reviewed by 100+ customers as well. Our goal as a team and a business is to make this the best product available in the market and we constantly work with our customers to improve our product. We are so confident in our product that we do offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as well.

See what the experts have to say about our modern “styptic pencil” and how our styptic formulation is different from all our competitors and why our “styptic pencil” is best in the category.  Below is a comparison chat that was put together by Antonio Centeno, CEO at Real Men Real Style:

Styptic Pencil Comparison Chart

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Tips & Tricks on how to deal with nicks & cuts from shaving

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Men’s Grooming Industry Reviews

Sven Raphael Schneider
Gentlemans Gazette
July 28, 2017
Glyder's Styptic Balm is currently the best solution on the market to deal with nicks and cuts. If you shave regularly, then getting one or two of the...
Travis White
Unkept Gentleman
June 15, 2017
I just nicked my neck last night and Glyder's Styptic Balm instantly sealed the cut. Also the sting went away, I was pleasantly surprised about that. ...
Kyle Ingham
The Distilled Man
September 13, 2017
When I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it worked to stop the bleeding and how easy it was to use. It smelled nice -...
Antonio Centeno
Real Mean Real Style
October 11, 2017
I can tell you Glyder’s Styptic Balm product is the BEST bet for any gentleman (no matter how often he shaves or what he shaves with).
John Galfano
40 Over Fashion
October 11, 2017
I can honestly say that I’m happy to have found Glyder's Stypic Balm. The product works as advertised, lasts a long time, smells great and it’s in...

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